I got this poncho at Ike’s Underground and I’m pretty sure I’ll get more action now.

I mean, right? It’s a half-eaten “old hippie thing” Ike had laying around that I paired with my grandmother’s Aztec face necklace. Who’s not turned on by that combo?

Also, nail art is my new favorite thing ever. My right thumb is officially my “accent nail” and for the time being it is clad in zebra stripe. Up next? I want leopard print…and/or my initial. With leopard print. In leopard print. The possibilities are endless.

Sorry things have been so slow lately, I’ve been working two jobs for awhile now and time for blogging is limited! Lucy came over the other night and took these shots of my new poncho for me…what do we think? I’ve been vacillating between trying to put together more staged shots and just getting a picture taken because I can. I’ve honestly been a bit overwhelmed by the blogging the past month or so because I’ve been pushing myself to create so much content – it’s a bit exhausting! I think as I move forward I’m going to maybe post a little less (in case you hadn’t noticed) and try to really formulate posts that matter more to me. Maybe they’ll be a bit humorous (this one) or maybe a little more artfully done (Friday’s post). I think moving in a more lo-fi direction will help me keep things rolling, and being a bit more tongue-in-cheek couldn’t hurt, either.

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