Peace Out, Z-Town

1) I’ve never read those Dragon Tattoo Girl books, but that hard-looking chick with the red hair? That’s what I imagine a girl with a dragon tattoo looks like.
2) Switzerland has its own Subway mascot named, “SubWayne,” and he is definitely smoking a doobie in their advertisements.
3) They sell Magic cards in vending machines here. Sexy.
4) Hahaha, there is a chain of gyms here called, “Athleticum.” Yeah.
5) No worries, dad! I didn’t buy anything at either of the stores featured, I just make sure to visit stores when I’m in an area because I’m obsessed with design and retail. The first pics are from The Apartment Store. There’s a lot of A.P.C there, for interested parties, and they also have Aesop products. The second batch of store shots are from Making Things, Zürich’s answer to the Opening Ceremony/Colette store model. They had a lot of knits and rugged-outdoorsy-inspired pieces that cost more than a lumberjack makes in a year. There’s also a Salvation Army across the street.
6) And that’s an Alaïa. At Trois Pommes. Switzerland’s chain of high-end boutiques. Go to thems if you like touchin’ fancy things. And then awkwardly deflecting questions of, “What were you looking for?” and “Would you like to try that on?”