Success! The Great Wall of China at Mutianyu

As I mentioned yesterday, the Wall is divided up into multiple sections that tourists can freely visit. There are other, off limits sections, but I didn’t go hardcore and seek them out. I visited Mutianyu, the second-most touristy section of the wall. It was a bit more refurbished than I’d wanted and was definitely seeing too much foot traffic for me to feel all adventurous and Tomb Raider-y, but the weather was absolutely perfect. Can’t complain about that! Especially in Beijing…

Note the tiny person standing on that section of the wall (click to enlarge).

The views were pretty spectacular. Um, obviously.

The characters on the hill (which you can’t really see here, top left corner) say “Loyalty to Mao,” according to a conversation I overheard on purpose.

This is a film crew that was setting up for “an event.” I hope it was another Great Wall bikini fashion show like the one we watched on the coach ride out. What else is the Wall for if not hawking swimwear?

The view coming down the mountain in the cable car.

Fun things worth noting about my visit to the Wall:
1) Worst footwear choice: embellished flip-flops. On the Great Wall of China.
2) Best alternative to cheese: the tourist group having their picture taken that yelled, “Jesus!”
3) The Wall is damn steep in some parts. It was SUCH a workout, I felt really healthy actually. It was really good for my calves!

To get to Mutianyu: Grab the 916 or 916 express from Xizhimen (or was it Dongzhimen?) station and ride it out ’til all the other white folks start getting off. From there, take a car out to the wall, which should be about 25RMB/person. I think. It was for me.