Getting Dressed: Khaki & Navy

My spin on the classic color combo…which hopefully does not bring to mind private school uniforms…

I should just rename every “Getting Dressed” post “The Low Lookbook,” considering all of my clothes are from there. The khaki shirt is actually an old military shirt, the blue pants are H&M and the penny loafers are from Low as well (seen previously here). Be sure to keep your eye out for Low’s new logo, which I designed! Nora says the new signs are being printed and should be up soon. (For those of you who haven’t seen my previous post about Low, or clicked on the link to it above, Low Vintage is the new name of Antics, the vintage store on the downtown mall. When I see people with Low bags I always get excited and ask how they liked the store, only to be met with curious stares – that new signage can’t come out soon enough!)

Getting Dressed: Orange You Glad I Didn’t Forget About This?

My posting schedule got a bit wacky last week so I wasn’t able to put up these pictures of “how I incorporate orange into my personal S/S ’11 palette“! Crisis. My friend called me out on this and so here I am, in all my orange glory. The plimsolls and and shorts are from Urban Outfitters, but the jeans are a new retro-fun find from Ike’s Underground – trying to keep it local in whatever ways I can!

This Is Charlottesville: The Space Formerly Known As Antics

For my second installment in the “This Is Charlottesville” series (see the first here!) I decided to focus on Low Vintage. In its previous incarnation the store was called Antics, but the recent move into new digs prompted a name change. Low is, “like an antiques mall,” says part-owner Nora Iforgottogetherlastname, in that the four separate vendors each sell their own wares. Unlike the way the store was previously organized, everything is now mixed together in an overflowing smorgasbord of vintage goodness. I love it.

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Any readers familiar with the Asian horror film the post title is from? Maybe fans of Rodarte? Or anyone who looked up their references for that collection

Well, regardless, there’s nothing horrifying about these three pairs of shoes and the only thing they have in common with The Grudge is that I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. But thats not how things in common works, so…check ’em out!

All three were purchased from Antics/Low Vintage here in Charlottesville, ironically on Valentine’s day (what can I say? I love myself! And I know my shoe size.)

The top pair is a monk strap boot by Stetson (the hat maker made shoes?) and in the middle we’ve got a nameless pair o’ penny loafers. The bottom pair are green Doc Martens from the 80’s and while they’re a bit chunky and could be seen as “oogly,” I like to think the bright color makes them more of a seasonal reference to Prada than anything else. All are in great condition (especially the boots…it’s like they’ve never been worn!) and I love them.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

File under: housewarming gifts I’ll never get.

1. I know it’s a bit trite, but it’s vintage! I couldn’t help myself. Louis Vuitton + just the right amount of age = glamour. Also, this costs almost $30,000. From ABC Home.
2. Adrienne Landau throw pillow from Barneys. Love the texture! Texture has been one of my big focuses for this apartment.
3. The Napoleon bust candle from Cire Trudon. I just love it.
4. A Diane Von Furstenberg design for The Rug Company, image from Nick Olsen’s (awesome) blog. Dying.
5. An Eames lounge. Got really into these a few months ago when touring Vitra Haus.
6. Another vintage find at ABC Home. I found a really ugly 60’s interpretation of a drift wood lamp at a local secondhand store…I’m tempted to buy it, despite the ugliness. I just love the look.

P.S. These items together have a much more masculine vibe than I realized as I was compiling them…interesting…although, “masculine” here is a relative term.

Blue Velvet

Sorry it’s been such a long time since my last update, I think the way I’m subconsciously looking at blogging right now is that this blog is my Jekyll blog and this blog is my Hyde blog. Two sides to every coin, I guess, and I’ve been updating my other coin side more frequently, so to speak…

This is the blue velvet blazer I bought back in Paris at Espace Kiliwatch! I had the arms taken in so they’d be a bit more flattering. The hat was my grandfather’s, and I got a compliment on it today!

There will be more photos coming soon, I swear! This blog isn’t going to die, it’s just sputtering a little for the moment :/

Last Night a Man Bag Saved My Life

Bags are a vital asset to any man’s wardrobe, be they totes or backpacks or messenger bags. Prada or Gucci or vintage or Pucci (Pucci doesn’t make man bags), it’s all good. I think if I had to write a list of priorities for the future it’d be something like:

1) Civil equality
2) Worldwide women’s liberation
3) Man bag de-stigmatization

You don’t have to be ashamed to grab a bag as you walk out the door! Be free! Raise it up! They’re super practical, too. You can use them to lug around your concealer InStyle fishing poles. SO this particular one is actually vintage and MAN IT IS A BEAST. I’ve been looking for a bag in this style ever since I fell in love with Proenza’s PS1, but wanted something more masculine (erm, that one’s a purse anyway ha) and also not $1,500. So this was great! I bought it at a market in Paradeplatz here in Basel. If you’re from here/know here then that will maybe mean something to you. Although it might have been another Platz…I’m only 75% sure about the Parade-bit. Anyway, the guy was selling all of these old bags he said he brought into town from Bern. Most of them were old book bags, leather bags actually meant to carry nothing more than a book or two (tough leather rectangles). They were cool but this bag is the pièce de résistance of vintage man bags, if I do say so myself.

How Much for that Beaver in the Window?

When I arrived in Zürich on Friday I met up with a new friend (found on Couchsurfing) to go on an evening ghost walk. A nice way to get to know a new city – find out where everybody died. The next day I ended up retracing some of my steps from that walk and found the most awesomest vintage store ever – exclusively catering to men! Vagabunt is located on the river (you can find the exact address by clicking on the link and checking out their website) in the trendy shopping district. I feel really cool because the store actually just opened at the end of September – I’m bringing y’all an exclusive! Eat your heart out GQ. The owner didn’t speak much English, but I found out that he’d been collecting stuff for three or four years and he wasn’t sure what he’d do if/when he runs out of merch in the next six months or so. He’d amassed an awesome selection of bags, scarves, pocket squares (or should I say, foulards, non?), and dead animals. Those stuffed birds do indeed have price tags dangling from their feet, in case you were worried they were just for display. It was a-MAY-zing. Check it.

Getting Vintage-y in Florence

These are some supplementary pictures for an article I wrote. Click here for all the vintage shopping goodness!

P.S. What do we think of the text on the pictures? I think I like it better than just putting little subtitles under the pics…but does it twerk or is it bussa bussed?(I never knew what Busta Rhymes meant when he said that but it probably isn’t healthy).

P.P.S. click on the “Street Doing” picture and take the chance to really relish those shoulder pads. You know you want to.

Pictures of Old Stuff

If you didn’t get it by now, I’m entering a major vintage phase in my life. I’m completely addicted to these bracken (brachen? when I Googled this term it said that was bread…) shops, these stores that have old everything from clothes and bags to LP’s to nude figurines. And camera parts. I loved finding the German-language edition of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. I also love those vintage tins, some of which I picked up this week at another bracken in Bern (and here’s a link to a great idea [and weirdly timely] post about what to do with vintage tins – make candles with them!) I only wanna buy old things now. You should too (hint hint recycle and stuff hint hint)! If anyone out there in cyberspace can recommend some great secondhand shops in Switzerland, or anywhere in Europe (specifically Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin) it’d be much appreciated!