Kicking Back

I recorded another vlog, just for you! And you, and you, and you!

P.S. Yesterday was the Chinese New Year! AND it’s my animal sign year! Hooray for rabbit people. Click here to check out my time celebrating the holiday in Beijing last year (use the arrow at the bottom of the page to scroll through every day), and here to view a video of the intense fireworks action.


Waiting For Montage

So now you know my progress as we head into tomorrow, when I will spend ALL DAY in the apartment with the goal: FINISH. DUN DUN DUN. We’ll see.

P.S. My exhibit reception was yesterday! Thanks to those of you who could make it, your support was very much appreciated! Here is a picture of my friend Nicole and I, mostly to show you how cute my outfit was (inaugural wearing of the blue blazer!), also to show that at least one person who looks marginally interesting showed up to the event. Joke! She’s not marginally interesting. Joke! I love her.

It’s All About the Journey

As you can see, my bedroom is a disgusting farce of a bedroom. I don’t really live in an episode of Clean House, though, this is sort of the wreckage from coming home. Oops…

Today I have a special treat! I did a VLOG entry!!! That’s right, The S.S. in unadulterated video blog form. So click below if you want to find out what I have to say, or forever hold your peace. I don’t think that’s how holding your peace works, but whatever.

I’m having an exhibit of my photographs from China! If you happen to be in the Harrisonburg, Virginia vicinity then check it out! Deets for the opening reception:

JMU’s Prism Gallery
January 21st
Refreshments provided!